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Generally I place articles under “Short Reads”, but I think this one deserves a special place of its own.  The below essay published in the NYT Sunday edition brough tears to my eyes.  There is so much in the media about working mothers and rage over Marissa Mayer and Cheryl Sandburg.  But unlike them, Erin Callan, was not a working mother – she is a working person regardless.   And the whole life experience missed from becoming one with your job is just as devastating, if not more in her case.  I have friends that do not have children and they have incredibly fulfilled lives, and I have those who are so similar to Ms. Callan that it saddens me.

“Until recently, I thought my singular focus on my career was the most powerful ingredient in my success. But I am beginning to realize that I sold myself short. I was talented, intelligent and energetic. It didn’t have to be so extreme. Besides, there were diminishing returns to that kind of labor.”

These words are something we should really think about – diminishing returns – it was drilled into our heads in econ 101, but we so easily forget it.  Please take the time to click on the attached link, read it, and promise yourself you can be more than your job.

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