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A Harvard Business Review Blog… food for thought

When my son entered 1st grade in a new school, I was invited to a meet and greet with the teacher.  My assigned time slot was shared with another parent… who I came to learn later was an international attorney who specialized in Saudi Arabia.  After he asked question after question about the programs, the methodology of learning and much more that I tuned out, the teacher turned to me and asked if I had any questions.  Yes I did have one question, “Can you get my kid to second grade?”.

In our house I have a mantra – shoot for average, after that it’s all icing.  My husband isn’t fond of it… but I worry about the pressure on kids today to be ‘perfect’.  Well today, my coach who has been helping me establish my business on the East Coast, sent me this link to remind me to enjoy life just a bit more…in full disclosure, I needed that reminder, I have not been practicing what I preach lately.

To read click here and smell the roses!