About Me…

Hello world!

My name is Sonia Boudreau, mother of three, wife and founder Integrated Executive Coaching. If asked 10 years ago, I would have described myself by describing my job. 5 years ago, I would have said I didn’t know who I was, but today I know who I am – although, depending on day, the wife and mother can switch places. I know who I am, what’s important to me, but like most working mothers I have to make continuous concious decisions to keep it clear. It’s not easy in the day to day chaos of my life.

There are days when I feel really strong doing anything, I am a good mom, a good wife, and respected in the workplace, I can hear Helen Reddy singing in my head – but rarely do I feel strong on all fronts in the same day. Then there are THOSE days… the ones where I feel I am failing at all three and instead of doing more, I would rather just crawl in bed. I still have them, THOSE days, but over the years they have become almost non-existant and probably more related to peri menopause than anything, but we can discuss that one later. After my first child I asked executive women at the corporation I worked for at the time – how do you do this? Over the next five years I heard, “I do it badly”…”Ssshhh, I am in imposter, don’t tell”…”After 6 years, I have no idea what I’m doing”…and my all time favorite, “I don’t remember the first four years of my children’s life – I was just too tired”.

The last 4 years have been good, no REALLY good. I have learned not only what I am capable of doing, but what I am incapable of doing – and that second item has set me free to do what I am good at. It doesn’t mean that I can ignore the rest. I have found ways of filling in from other resources… other moms, my husband, neighbors, teachers, au pairs, delivery services, seamstresses, church, personal shoppers… and I suspect the list goes on and on depending on the need.

After talking with other women about the issues we all face, a few of them have been pushing me to do something with the subject. “Start a business, help other women figure this out before they miss the first four years of their child’s life” they urged. So I began with this blog which eventually led to Integrated Executive Coaching.  This blog is open to guest writers, both men and women, from dual and single income households, both married and single. We all face these challenges … I am beginning to wonder if it is the work place that is so unforgiving of us and our life loads, or is it really us? For me, I have learned that much has been self induced. And how I wish that I had that knowledge 10 years ago…

So depending on where you are on your own journey of parenthood and carreer, join us to both teach and learn from each other. Life is just too great of an experience to miss under the clutter of everything put on our shoulders.

Have a wonderful day and I truly hope to hear from you soon.

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